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Google+ (G+) just opened their invites again. If you’re like most people you entered the community thinking “Now What?”. You’ll realize soon that most of the features are a mishmash of Twitter and Facebook, with the sprinkle of unique Google engineering. So, here’s a nice feature outline to get you started.

A few rules:
1. Do not talk about G+
2. Do not talk about G+
3. Invite as many as your friends as possible
4. Tell your friends to invite as many friends as possible.

If you’ve explored G+ a little, you’ll notice that most people are talking G+, its viability, what it will be used for, is it better than Facebook, etc. I urge you to change the conversation. The only way the G+ community stays relavent in the overall market of social networks, especially in comparison to Facebook, is if people start to use it as a social network. Drumming on about what’s it for or if it will stick is not going to make it interesting. Here are few things I suggest you explore first:

1. Upload Pictures
2. Upload Videos
3. Share personal stories and interests
4. Post content you care about from the interwebs
5. Tag your friends in posts (type “+” and their name)

If you have an Android phone I suggest getting the G+ App for it. It’s an incredible app for a first version. Only draw backs are that it doesn’t seem to play video from posts and you can’t tag people. Otherwise the user experience is as good if not better than the browser version of G+.

Enjoy and Engage!