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A new platform claims that it has found the formula for viral videos. Well, sorta-kinda. Through a year-long study of viral videos on Youtube, TubeRank has discovered a few insights on the seemingly aloof viral video. I’ve discussed that there is NO formula for viral videos before, but TubeRank claims the secret is “audience triggers” and “communities of interest.” Their site generates video based on these variables to give you viral inspiration!

To some extent they’re right! A video typically goes viral because one community shares it, and it speaks to certain emotions (triggers) that cause the members of that community to share it. If the video is relatable enough to people outside that specific community it could reach even farther and cause it to “go viral.”

So, what TubeRank has done is identify these “Triggers” and “Interests” as well as the additional categories of User Generated Content (UCG) and Branded Content and built a platform to find videos. With this platform you can set the intensity of three triggers, such as “LOL”, “NSFW” or “EPIC”, select up to 3 interests, and choose USG or branded content or both. Voila! They pumped out the top viral videos for that criteria. It’s pretty neat!

Loads of “LOL” and “EPIC” with Some “Topical” with the “Pop Culture” interest gets you this:

It comes as no surprise that loads of “LOL” and “Kawaii” (aww moments), with a little “WTF” gets you this:

But there is still a BIG HOLE in the equation. TubeRank successfully identifies which community interests and what kind of triggers caused viral video to go viral, but it fails to identify how to get these communities to actually share it. The “make it and they will come” method just won’t do. “Double Rainbow” sat dormant on YouTube for nearly 2 years until Jimmy Kimmel happened to tweet about it. So, the formula still is incomplete and until the vital question, “How do I get people to notice my videos?” gets answered, we’ll all by grasping at clouds hoping we can make it rain.

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