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Anonymous letter from a Dad:

“My wife and I, connected through Twitter and both social media geeks, got married 3 years ago and we thought it would happen fairly quickly. But after the first year it hadn’t happened yet, so we actively started trying. A year of trying and it still hadn’t happened yet. We thought, “maybe it wasn’t the time.” Two years now we’ve been trying, but it still isn’t happening. We’ve tried everything! I’m beginning to think its me, something I said or something I’m doing. My wife literally cries herself to sleep at night. No matter what we do, we can’t get our Klout scores above 70!”

Isn’t that the truth! Everything we do to be “engaging”, sharing the latest news, keeping up with the topics and talking with people about their interests, yet, some metrics stay unchanged. That is of course, until you become part of an exclusive community. #UsGuys, #SMManners, #SMGirlfriends, and #BizForum bring like minded people together and there is an ebb and flow of discussion that pushes metric results up. However, being a parent instantly connects you to millions of others who are going through or have gone through the heartwarming challenges of raising a child. This instant connection results in great engagement and inevitability a higher influence score.

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about vlogging with @Clintus earlier this year. His number one video to date is “First Day of School – Kindergarten“, his daughters first day at school.

I met Freddy Jana recently and he even exclaimed that since the birth of the new love in his life he’s noticed and increase in Klout.

Parenthood is a growing community on all social networks from Twitter to YouTube. Mommy bloggers especially have seen incredible growth in the last year. 1 in 3 bloggers is a Mom! 89% of mommy bloggers have children between 2 and 11 years of age, which means we’ve just seen the peak of parenthood content. The teenage years are coming!

Possibly the only people more influential online than parents these days, are cat ladies.