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#BeerChat, Cheers to Community!

Thursday, August 23rd, I had the honor of hosting #BeerChat, a Twitter Chat created by @ActiveBeerGeek about Beer on Thursday at 9 P.M. EST. Having a few pals that I drink brews with on a weekly basis I knew there would be at least a few tweeps partaking. I also chose a topic I knew that there was an interest in and trending the craft beer world, canned beer.

I invited a few of the breweries I knew that had canned beers and also the CraftCans.com people to join in on the fun. What ensued was what I would call a “screaming success”.

A total of 351 tweets were generated in the hour of the chat creating 2.17 MILLION impressions.

We had a sighting of a very unique beer, thanks to @GhostofElHombre

And even the great @OskarBlues join in on the fun!

Great big THANKS to everyone who joined in on the fun! See you next Thursday.


Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some of these are getting ridiculously out of hand. Vote for your favorite (most hated) and feel free to add your own!

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some people just don't seem to get it, so lets collect all the reason they are doing it wrong on social media.


Buying followers or fans.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Buying followers or fans.

By now you've realized that all those fan/followers are mostly fake account with zero real people behind them. But congrats! You have a big number. Its like starting your ruler at 6 inches. Fake and useless.


DM offers after following.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | DM offers after following.

I've only ever seen this done right ONCE! @Bonobos gives you a nice coupon as a Thank You for following them. Every other time I've seen this tried I have to give up an email address or sign up for something to redeem it. #Fail.


Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

I just followed you one twitter, why are you sending people to your Facebook? If you don't want to engage on Twitter, get off! Send me some conversation before you send me somewhere else.


That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Oh you want to be first on the list on my Facebook and my phone? Well I tell you what, the people with the little ' before their name so they avoid being alphabetized are instantly put on the "Douchebag List". It makes it really easy to categorize you in my head and ignore. Thanks!


Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

This isn't really a tactic, but if you're still using flash in a mobile world, you're alienating a ton of people. That autoplay music that has a the smallest stop button in world hidden in one of the corners of your website also needs to stop!


Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Hey! We're talking about the conversion rates of Pinterest vs Facebook! Why do you keep tweeting the same thing about visiting your ice cream recipe blog? Stick to the conversation, putz!


"Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | "Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Really? You have to trick people to get engagement? If you're having trouble engaging people maybe you should evaluate the crap you put out before resorting to finding out how many of your followers are fools. I won't condone it, but try posting a Cat Photo with your message on it. That seem to be popular.


Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

There is NO reason to trick people into reading your content. If your topic is interesting, people will read it. You don't need to put "Obama eats Babies" to make a good political blog post. Let's be genuine people.


Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

The posts are stacked by the most recent, shouldn't the most recent information do the same? If you made a mistake, own it and correct yourself. Don't let someone read the whole article just to find out half the information you wrote initially was false, Schmuck.


Controversial business decision announcements.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Controversial business decision announcements.

If you haven't heard of the Lowe's Racist Fiasco (http://ow.ly/cU2Pw), then you should do some reading. Some information, just doesn't need to be on Social Media. Write a memo or a press release.

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it may rain more this time

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | it may rain more this time

दिल्ली में मानसून की गाड़ी भले ही देर से पहुंची हो, लेकिन बरसात झमाझम होगी। मौसम विभाग के विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि अब मानसून सक्रिय हो गया है और ऐसे आसार हैं कि राजधानी और आसपास के इलाकों में अच्छी बरसात होगी। राजधानी का मानसून सीजन 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक होता है। दिल्ली में 1 जून से 3 जुलाई के बीच 50.1 मिलीमीटर बारिश हुई है जबकि 1 जुलाई से 3 जुलाई के बीच 4 मिमी बारिश हुई है। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक दक्षिणी पश्चिमी मानसून सक्रिय रहता है।

Social Footprint of Your Children

The Social Footprint of Your Children

81% of two-year-olds have some kind of digital footprint. Starling? A Study published by Internet security firm AVG found that 5% of babies under 2 have social media profiles, while 7% have an email address. What are these little guys doing online? Turns out their parents are carving out an online space for their youngsters – er infants — er fetus’. According the report, 23% of fetuses also had images of their antenatal scans uploaded before birth.

In a hyper interactive internet world, where social media is taking over our free time, its only natural that parents are putting their kids on the internet. It can even has positive effects on their “influence” . This is a growing trend! Parents are creating social media profiles for their kids, buying their name URLs and reserving their place online. Companies are following suit! Huggies has a very popular Tumblr, a site consisting primarily of teens. It seems that companies are beginning to target their market before they are even really their market. Are babies next?

There are special networks like Cafe Mom designed for mothers to talk amongst each other about their baby journey. Your may have friends who already have a social print for their kids, like the Boones or the Brownes. Parents celebrating their infants and unborn children is just the tip of the iceberg. Unlike most social media users, these children have a social media footprint before they even know how to walk, let alone type. So as these parents manage their profiles until their children ripen to internet maturity, it begs the question: What will this affect have on children when they take control of their own profiles?

Privacy. First and foremost privacy will be leading the concerns. The level of comfort parents have with their social media content may not match up with their children’s, for better or worse. Children may be embarrassed by the amount shared over the years, or on the other end of the spectrum, parents may be hyper controlling when it comes time to hand over the reigns.

Keeping in Touch. Family and friends will have been keeping up with these children online. Minimizing the need for those long winded holiday family update letters at christmas. Gone will be the days of family scrap books and photo albums, as everything will be stored neatly in your Facebook time – accessable through a simple search query.

Dating. No need to polish that shotgun, Dad. Your daughter’s date has a full history online and you can check up on him and his activities since birth. The other side of the coin is your child can research their prom dates months before asking them. Transparency is going to be the new black of the internet chic.

Genealogy. Getting a bit geekier. Your children’s children will have a world of “adults” with chronological histories online. Family Trees will take a new digital format and the 6 degrees model will be realized in a true, holistic online model.

Age barriers. Back to the realm of privacy. You cringe when you see a 6 year old with their own iPad and cell phone – we ask now “what happened to the days of playing ball in the street and sock puppets?” – the future holds an even more unimaginable desensitization. Given these children already have profiles, you can assume their kids will, too. The age of the average user will inevitably drop.

It may be too soon to say this is a bad or good thing. It borders on ethical issues, but none that have yet to be taken advantage of. Your Thoughts?