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Why You Would Read “You Get What You Give”

I recognize there is a disparity between “best practices” and your business practices. Social media (and marketing in general) can be a tough gig, especially as a sole business owner. There are a lot of reasons I wrote You Get What You Give, and many of them are likely to be reasons you would want to read it.

  1. You’ve deleted a post hoping no one saw it. We’ve all read the recent debacles in social. There seems to be a new one every week! But you’ve dodged the bullet. For now.
  2. You’re under pressure to prove social media’s value as part of the marketing machine. Continue reading “Why You Would Read “You Get What You Give”” »

Why I Wrote “You Get What You Give”

Update 11/13: You Get What You Give is  available on Amazon!

In the last few years, marketers have been diving into social media to use it as a real tool for their trade. They have jumped online and begun using what they know on the new medium. Despite the cries of the few marketers that “get it,” most marketers are still “doing it wrong” by using old practices on the networks. Every week, we see a new infraction of social media principles published in marketing hot sheets. And it’s not just the simple mistakes, but blatantly bad tactics on social media platforms. 

Companies are hungry to be on social media and believe there is a benefit! However, many are still not quite sure what to do with it, what to expect, how to engage their audiences or how to measure its impact. These are the reasons why I wrote You Get What You Give. Continue reading “Why I Wrote “You Get What You Give”” »