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Why Budweiser is Not Hypocritical

Many in the craft beer community have been pointing the finger at Budweiser for being hypocritical for bashing craft brewing while its parent company AB InBev has been snatching up craft breweries to add to its portfolio. However, it is possible for Budweiser to do this without being hypocritical. To understand why Budweiser is not hypocritical one must first understand two variations of brand hierarchy. 


The first is called master brand, and under this hierarchy one brand is recognized as the controlling property and it also instills a single set of values for all its subordinates. The brands underneath are each their own brand or product but take on the values of the master brand. In most cases all the products have the same target audience.


An example of this is Apple. We all recognize Apple as a high tech company that puts out quality products. Better yet all the products are sussinct. Your iPhone talks to your iPod and iTunes and all those can integrate with your iMac. They’re all partners in the same mission. Continue reading “Why Budweiser is Not Hypocritical” »

Tumblr Holds Our Future

Just after Christmas, Coke jumped on the Tumblr train with their blog “Happiness Is“. It is surprising how many people haven’t heard of or explored Tumblr, but there are 60 brands actively using it, including our favorite microblogging platform Twitter. One brand that might surprise you in this mix is Huggies

So what do Coke and Huggies see in Tumblr that a lot of brands and people are missing? Tumblr holds their future! It is most popular with teens, and like the MySpace craze, you are not cool unless you are on Tumblr. Eleven million teens are using this service! Coke and Huggies are investing in their future. If you look at their blogs they are chalk full of special interest images all geared towards the younger demographic. A lot of images of trendy clothes and positive messages. Huggies posts a plethora of celebrity content you might see out of a People magazine. From a marketers standpoint, it is a genius move!

By the time these teens are of age and making purchases of their own, they will have years of embedded imagery of these brands. So, who do you think they are going to buy? Yep, any company interested in the longevity of their brand should start a Tumblr blog…

The 5 Social Media Strategies

It is still amazing to see the number of brands that are using social media incorrectly. Some can’t seem to shake this “Look at me!!” mentality, which is ruining their customer experience and inevitably causing the loss of the customer.

Brands need to begin focusing their social media strategy and they have 5 choices.

1. Branding
2. Sales
3. Customer Services
4. Innovation
5. Community Experience

Each platform they participate on needs a purpose that fulfills their customer needs. Given the number of big brands that still don’t have a huge following on social media they have a great opportunity. By focusing their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Blog on one of these strategies they can “teach” consumers where to find the answer or experience they’re looking for.

The type of content provided under each strategy has very specific purpose:

1. Branding: Complimentary Imagery & Matched Tone
- external and internal content that supports the brand
2. Sales: Offers/Discounts, Links to New Products/Reviews
- content that showcases products and services
3. Customer Services: Public Answers to Questions & Complaints
- recognition of problems and specific answers
4. Innovation: Calls for Feedback & Customer Opinion
- the key is to implement the feedback and showcase it
5. Community Experience: Additional Content, Customer Submitted Content
- keep it interactive and exclusive

Are your favorite brands using one of these?

Social Media Abuser!

Remember when everyone said that said social media marketing was about building relationships and adding value to the consumers personal lives? Then why are you still sending me friend suggestions of companies with personal Facebook profiles that are irrelevant to me???

I’m not even upset that it’s a violation of the Facebook terms of service. I’ve been guilty of doing it, too. But the fact that you’re sending two to three suggestions a day is ridiculous! You know who you are. Here’s why it’s a big NO-NO!

1. These companies are not relevant to me.
2. It’s not about the numbers of followers!
3. The suggestions are sent too often.
4. You’re doing it for every company you represent and its hurting your’s and their brand (#brandbleed)
5. When was the last time you tried to nurture a relationship with me?

I write this post as a consumer. As a business, you must be aware of how often and what kind of engagement you participate in with your consumers. Posting, sharing and pushing irrelevant information hurts your brand. It’s bad marketing. You will get unfollowed, unliked, and “unfriended”. Consumers can and will be incredibly picky and they get especially touchy when they feel like their space is violated. If you participate in bad behavior you’re only hurting your clients, and their clients.

The beauty of social media is that it can be leveraged for large numbers of an audience. However, it also give the consumer a voice and the ability to quickly remove you from their lives. Please don’t abuse social media.