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Give Your Consumer Control of Your Messaging

In the past we have discussed trends found in the Content Sharing Matrix. One of these trends is giving more control over the content to the consumer, which then increases the likelihood of that content being shared. Giving consumers control means that they can either customize the content or publish new content based on a template or guidelines. 

There are likely a number of reasons this tactic works:

1. By allowing consumers to create variations of content, there is an opportunity for exponentially more pieces of content to be viewed. Continue reading “Give Your Consumer Control of Your Messaging” »


Is your product a chip or salsa?

The real meal of chips and salsa is the salsa. The chip is just the vehicle that brings the delicious salsa flavor to your mouth. No one eats just chips. They are hard, flavorless and have little to offer your taste buds. Doritos knows that! They pack their chips full of flavor. So much so, it changes your fingers colors and people go crazy for them. Don’t be mistaken, people don’t buy Doritos or chips AND salsa for the chips. Continue reading “Is your product a chip or salsa?” »


The Customer Content Matrix

The content matrix below describes a 27 types of content that you can create that fit conveniently into 4 categories; Entertainment, Inspiration, Education, and Convincing. Whether your brand is B2B or B2C, you can create a variety of content that ignites action in your consumers. These content ideas connect with your consumers in either emotional or rational ways to build awareness and drive purchases.

The content marketing matrix

by first10.
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You can stop reading now, if you believe that story. Continue reading “The Customer Content Matrix” »


What Is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

Customers often go online to talk about their brand experiences posting on brand Facebook pages and reaching out to brand Twitter accounts. Customer service goes well beyond fixing issues with current customers. It includes helping new customers make purchase decisions and returning customers getting the most out of their purchases. You often only have one chance to help before a customer gives up on your brand. There are a few highlights you should be aware of when it come to bad customer service.

51% of customer only try once to get support before abandoning their purchase. Continue reading “What Is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?” »