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Exclusive content done right: Untappd Supporter

There are nearly infinite tactics for content creation and distribution. Any business hopes that content creation will result in revenue of some sort. If you are looking for a great way to build a community of passionate customers and generate revenue, there is one content tactic that you may want to consider: exclusive content.

Truly exclusive content is rare these days. Many companies have simply disguised readily available content as “exclusive” by putting it behind a landing page with a form on it. There is little or no vested interest in offering content only to devoted members of an audience. Rather, it is a bait-and-switch with hopes of creating a sense of scarcity, rather than added value. To do exclusive content correctly, it has to be genuine and of real value to the person jumping through the hoops to acquire it. Continue reading “Exclusive content done right: Untappd Supporter” »


BING! A great social idea.

All site links from this page lead to “Bing.com” – minor glitch, working to figure it out. To navigate the rest of the site please type MerlinUWard.com in your browser :-)

Bing launched their “new Bing” this morning. It’s intriguing – the promise was a better integration of social into search. It was difficult to imagine, but they’ve come through and in an amazing way! The site starts off introducing you to a new dashboard that has an obvious Facebook information feed on the right.

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This feed actually updates with your friend’s information based on searches performed it includes, posts, pictures and page likes. A simple search like “restaurant” gleamed great results on the socials side.

It even produced a twitter results for “experts” around my search that you might want to know.

Pages that your friends have also liked or posted on Facebook get a “+1 style”, “thumbs-up” signaling you that these are recommended.

Now for the most amazing part! While performing your search you can simultaneously post to Facebook to ask friend directly, event tag them. Watch:
<a href='http://video.msn.com/?vid=e0aaf4ff-24c7-42a0-875f-40917489ea1b&#038;mkt=en-us&#038;src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Search with friends'>Video: Search with friends</a>

Overall this social and search experience was great and certainly an improvement from old Bing (and Google). Granted this social experience is limited to Facebook social, but it is that largets site and offers much broader reach in social that Google’s G+ integration. I’m still exploring the validity of the search results, but it looks as though Google.com may no longer be the homepage standard.

Smart Car Pong

Smart Car gamifies their marketing with REAL cars!

The best marketing gets the consumer involved in the product/service. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when it comes down to pushing one distinct message. In the case of Smart Car they wanted tell the story of how their new drive system is super responsive, but wanted to get the consumer in the car.

In one genius swoop at the IAA in Frankfurt they implemented “Smart EBall” a pong based video game where the cars are the controllers. The promotion got butts in seats and the consumer involved in the product!

Shit or get off the pot, G+!

A love letter to G+:

Dear Google+,

The puppy love phase is over and I’m beginning to wonder where we’re going with all this. It was fun discovering all the new things about you and meeting your friends, but I need more than just “something new”. I want to feel the excitement I had when we first met. You know, that tingling feeling you got every time I posted something on your stream? I feel like our love is starting to fade…

If we’re going to make our relationship work I need to know that you’re going to be around for a while. I need to know that you care about me and want to support me. Most of all I want those sweet nothings. They may not seem like much, but they keep things exciting and keep me coming back. I want you to want me to come back. Where are the frivilous points for checking in with you or getting +1′s? I want to know how well connected I am with you and how much progress I’ve made. Give me a sign, a progress bar, or something!

You have the potential to be the greatest thing in my life. You have Places, Streams, Alerts, Calendars, Picasa, Huddles, Hangouts, Documents and those sexy Circles. I was so excited to see how you put them all together and really make them work together. But I just feel like you’re not as excited as I am. You certainly don’t show it. I want you to show me how excited you are and be excited to have me come back.

Right now, I’m just not sure if I want to see you when I wake up every morning. I miss the chase and the games we played; discovering new things together. Those were the moments I really enjoyed.

I’m not breaking up with you Google+, but some things need to change. I need to know you’re committed to me. I want to know we have a future together. It’s time to shit or get off the pot, otherwise I’m going to spend more time with my exes, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. At least they put out.

Your Beloved,

Merlin U Ward

Too soon? … Never too soon.