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New Castle Follow the Money

When all else fails, buy your Twitter followers

You may be familiar with New Castle Brown Ale’s satirical take on marketing. If not, I highly recommend watching their YouTube playlist. They call out the bullocks with no restraint and regularly newsjack big events. Most notably, the brand produced over eight videos about a “mega huge” Super Bowl ad that was never produced, and never was going to be produced. New Castle then proceeded to create videos about how other brands should have made their ads “mega huge.”

However, it wasn’t until June that New Castle turned their satire towards social media marketing. The brand launched an in-your-face social media campaign that was meant to literally buy Twitter followers. Too clever for their own good (they claim that the marketing team was not willing to put in the time to come up with a better idea), New Castle announced the “Follow the Money” campaign.

“Follow the Money” was designed to earn up to 50,000 new followers for the brand on Twitter by paying each new follower exactly $1.00 in exchange for their following. Being a social media analyst and enthusiast, I did not hesitate to participate.

After watching the video (below), going to http://FollowNewCastleOnTwitter.com (very literal) and clicking the “Follow” button, you then waited. About 6 hours later, you received a direct message from New Castle:

Finally, a DM worth receiving!

Finally, a DM worth receiving!

After waiting some more, you should have received a letter from New Castle around September 8th with enclosed payment for your surly duty — a brand new shiny commercial check in your name on it for the amount of one whole dollar!

Not Good Over $1.00

Not Good Over $1.00

So participants received a one-dollar check and something to blog about. But what did this whole stunt earn New Castle?

First, consider the strategy. New Castle wanted to spend the least amount of money to market their product. Let’s be honest, the new Twitter followers are just a byproduct of this campaign. The real aim was the loads of earned media from doing what every other brand did not have the bullocks (or brand voice) to do. It was a lofty goal, but not one too difficult to execute these days. You just need a wacky idea, a press release, a YouTube video and be ability to fulfill the promise.

New Castle Brown Ale ended up with 45,095 total followers (as of 9/11/14 at 5:30pm EST). Assuming they paid them all, discounting the 15,000 or so followers they had prior to the campaign, New Castle paid a total of roughly $30,000, plus postage and handling. However, the brand’s video received over 39,000 views, and the campaign received a considerable amount of media attention in the form of articles and blogs. In the grand scheme of things, the “Follow the Money” campaign was a relatively small investment compared to past campaigns, and well worth the cost per impression.


5 Reasons Brands Should Follow Back

Consumers in the new economy have a high sense of entitlement — always wanting this and that — but brands can be just as guilty. Brands yearn for followers, and many of the tactics they use on social media involve some kind of requirement to “like” or “follow” a certain number of people on their profiles. It’s the universal social currency that gives brands permission to market to their audience. But what they often forget is that people want followers, too! While brands spend all their time trying to grow their number of followers, they rarely follow these people back!

Are brands too good to follow back, or do they just not care? Continue reading “5 Reasons Brands Should Follow Back” »


Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing

You Hear, you agree, now Do!

You go to conferences and you hear people say really smart things. If you look around the audience you will most likely see everyone nodding their heads. Even though we hear people say smart things, and we agree with them, we often don’t put them into practice. So, here are a few things you’ve probably heard, agreed to, but aren’t really practicing on a daily basis…

  • Listening for brand related keywords in the social space: You should know what conversations your brand is the topic of in the social space.
  • Focusing on quality of your followers, not the quantity: Quality over quantity. Actually start treating each existing follower like a millions bucks instead of trying to get more for the sake of having more. Continue reading “Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing” »

Is Your Content the Exception or the Rule?

As a marketer you should always be trying to figure out which content is connecting with your audience best. Once you find successful content, you want to recreate those desired results as many times as possible. However, when you content goes viral, you have to be careful how you attribute that success. Is your content’s success the exception or the new rule thumb. 

I recently had the good fortune of being chosen by @Instagram as the feature image for the #Manhattanhenge highlight. An exciting event that flooded my phone with notifications. The results were 1,500+ likes on my photo, and a doubling of my modest following. Residual effects were more likes on other photos in my account and some blog traffic. And just for bragging rights, the “regram” that Instagram put up of my photo on their account received the highest number of likes in their most recently shared photos.


However, these “health metrics” – amount of engagement and following and other metrics – are not always an indicator that the content is good! The notion that a lot of likes and reach is an indicator of good content undermines the real work behind influencer programs and viral content. So, when you have a “success” stop and ask, “Is this success a true indicator of how interesting my content was or how interesting one popular person thought it was?” When your content becomes popular mainly because a single profile shared it, the content itself may not have played a roll it in at all. The people who engaged with it may be taking actions only because it was shared by someone they like, rather than the content being intriguing to them. You would not be doing yourself any justice to continue to create similar content, without first properly testing that content again. You must also be sure that your current audience engaged with and enjoyed your content and not just a bunch of new followers.

Sunsets, food, and animals are the the bread and butter content on Instagram. But my image did not become popular because it caught fire with my followers and was shared over and over again. The photo became popular because one popular profile thought it was interesting. It was a perfect storm of a topical hashtag and a committee at Instagram that pushed it to a greater audience – a non-replicable circumstance; an exception. This does not mean that all my future photos should be sunsets from the city, or sunsets in general for that matter. It is the perfect example of why your intermediate successes should not become the rule by which you select your content.

Proper diagnosis of the cause for your content’s success in addition to the “health metrics” is how you should determine your future content choices. Which content is resonating with your current audience, and helping you attract new fans? How are you building stronger connections with those new followers? 

Facebook Engagement

Is Your Facebook Page Performing Above Or Below Average? [Infographic]

This infographic is presented with the caveat that all Facebook statistics such as engagement vary by industry (not just page size). There is also a diminishing time value of engagement with Facebook fans, which might explain why larger pages have lower engagement rates.
Picture 4

You’re A Fake And I Can Prove It!


Status People released news that the platform now pulls up to 100,000 accounts and analyses up to 1000 of those accounts. Read more at their blog post.

Last week a new analytics platform took the twittersvere by storm. Allegations were thrown around, rumors spread and reputations put in jeopardy. The fuss was about the Faker Score, a free platform created by Status People, a UK based social media management company.

Faker Score allows you to see the percentage of your followers that are “fake”, “inactive” and “good”. The platform promised to shed light on who’s been buying followers and it seemingly did!

According to Rob Waller of Status People, a “fake” is an account with a disproportionate amount of followers to the amount it followers and has high tweets. Essentially dummy accounts created to spam, for bots or sit on a list to be sold to the would-be social media “leaders” to boost their apparent online presence.

“Any ‘leader’ who has built their reputation on fake followers really isn’t a leader at all,” stated Waller.

There is, as always, a catch; the platform only analyzes the last 500 followers of a twitter account. Unless someone recently purchased a list, you would not be able to tell that they have fake followers. Although if you look up the Faker Score of a few of your favorite tweeps, you may still be surprised by what you find.

There also seems to be industry trends in the amount of Fake followers. News organizations and celebrities tend to have higher fake percentages than social media people and marketing companies. According to Status People a score of around 10% is normal, but if you are over 30%, you may want to evaluate what you’re doing.

“I think you should be aiming to have less than 10% fake followers. But this can be difficult for bigger accounts because our data suggests they are far more likely to attract fake and spam followers,” added Waller, “I would say that if you have less than 5% you are doing very well; 5-10% is good; 10-30% is ok; And anything above 30% and you have a significant problem.”

The unfortunate truth on all of this is that anyone can buy you followers, without you asking! Status People’s account was attacked shortly after the launch of the app. It seems some tweeps were displeased with their scores – No need to lash out!

In the coming weeks, Status People plans to add a few features to help negate the affects of fake accounts such as the ability to block fakes, create your won fake lists and track your scores over time. Additionally they plan to release an update to the app this week that shows a score beyond the last 500 followers, giving you more accuracy and insight. If you haven’t checked your score yet this week would be a good time.

Just remember as you are out there posting your carefully crafted 140 character posts, we should be evaluated each other on our engagement not the size of our list.


Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some of these are getting ridiculously out of hand. Vote for your favorite (most hated) and feel free to add your own!

Headline for Bullshit Social Media Tactics
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Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some people just don't seem to get it, so lets collect all the reason they are doing it wrong on social media.


Buying followers or fans.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Buying followers or fans.

By now you've realized that all those fan/followers are mostly fake account with zero real people behind them. But congrats! You have a big number. Its like starting your ruler at 6 inches. Fake and useless.


DM offers after following.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | DM offers after following.

I've only ever seen this done right ONCE! @Bonobos gives you a nice coupon as a Thank You for following them. Every other time I've seen this tried I have to give up an email address or sign up for something to redeem it. #Fail.


Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

I just followed you one twitter, why are you sending people to your Facebook? If you don't want to engage on Twitter, get off! Send me some conversation before you send me somewhere else.


That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Oh you want to be first on the list on my Facebook and my phone? Well I tell you what, the people with the little ' before their name so they avoid being alphabetized are instantly put on the "Douchebag List". It makes it really easy to categorize you in my head and ignore. Thanks!


Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

This isn't really a tactic, but if you're still using flash in a mobile world, you're alienating a ton of people. That autoplay music that has a the smallest stop button in world hidden in one of the corners of your website also needs to stop!


Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Hey! We're talking about the conversion rates of Pinterest vs Facebook! Why do you keep tweeting the same thing about visiting your ice cream recipe blog? Stick to the conversation, putz!


"Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | "Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Really? You have to trick people to get engagement? If you're having trouble engaging people maybe you should evaluate the crap you put out before resorting to finding out how many of your followers are fools. I won't condone it, but try posting a Cat Photo with your message on it. That seem to be popular.


Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

There is NO reason to trick people into reading your content. If your topic is interesting, people will read it. You don't need to put "Obama eats Babies" to make a good political blog post. Let's be genuine people.


Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

The posts are stacked by the most recent, shouldn't the most recent information do the same? If you made a mistake, own it and correct yourself. Don't let someone read the whole article just to find out half the information you wrote initially was false, Schmuck.


Controversial business decision announcements.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Controversial business decision announcements.

If you haven't heard of the Lowe's Racist Fiasco (http://ow.ly/cU2Pw), then you should do some reading. Some information, just doesn't need to be on Social Media. Write a memo or a press release.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analysis Tool

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics | DistilledU | Online SEO training

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Tutor SEO Checklist Tool | Tutor.rs

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics | serpweb.com

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it may rain more this time

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | it may rain more this time

दिल्ली में मानसून की गाड़ी भले ही देर से पहुंची हो, लेकिन बरसात झमाझम होगी। मौसम विभाग के विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि अब मानसून सक्रिय हो गया है और ऐसे आसार हैं कि राजधानी और आसपास के इलाकों में अच्छी बरसात होगी। राजधानी का मानसून सीजन 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक होता है। दिल्ली में 1 जून से 3 जुलाई के बीच 50.1 मिलीमीटर बारिश हुई है जबकि 1 जुलाई से 3 जुलाई के बीच 4 मिमी बारिश हुई है। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक दक्षिणी पश्चिमी मानसून सक्रिय रहता है।