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Why Context Needs To Be Part of Your Content Strategy

The Internet gave everybody the opportunity to have a voice, which pushed businesses of all sizes to become content publishers. Businesses in both B2B and B2C industries that wanted to stay in front of their audience online had to develop content that would then be distributed over blogs, social profiles and websites to keep search engines recommending their pages and their consumers aware of their products. But not all content is the same. In fact, each piece of content should have a specific purpose and speak to specific subgroups within your audience, and this requires context.

Context is what differentiates content and makes it resonate with different people in your audience. This context is the key to deciding what to say and how to say it. For instance, how a consumer uses your product changes the way you would talk about that product with him or her. And there are other contextual considerations to take into account as well Continue reading “Why Context Needs To Be Part of Your Content Strategy” »

Smart Car Pong

Smart Car gamifies their marketing with REAL cars!

The best marketing gets the consumer involved in the product/service. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when it comes down to pushing one distinct message. In the case of Smart Car they wanted tell the story of how their new drive system is super responsive, but wanted to get the consumer in the car.

In one genius swoop at the IAA in Frankfurt they implemented “Smart EBall” a pong based video game where the cars are the controllers. The promotion got butts in seats and the consumer involved in the product!