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Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing

You Hear, you agree, now Do!

You go to conferences and you hear people say really smart things. If you look around the audience you will most likely see everyone nodding their heads. Even though we hear people say smart things, and we agree with them, we often don’t put them into practice. So, here are a few things you’ve probably heard, agreed to, but aren’t really practicing on a daily basis…

  • Listening for brand related keywords in the social space: You should know what conversations your brand is the topic of in the social space.
  • Focusing on quality of your followers, not the quantity: Quality over quantity. Actually start┬átreating each existing follower like a millions bucks instead of trying to get more for the sake of having more. Continue reading “Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing” »
Facebook Engagement

Is Your Facebook Page Performing Above Or Below Average? [Infographic]

This infographic is presented with the caveat that all Facebook statistics such as engagement vary by industry (not just page size). There is also a diminishing time value of engagement with Facebook fans, which might explain why larger pages have lower engagement rates.
From Pins to Purchases

Last Year’s Pinners are Making Purchases

Below is an inforgraphic that answers a BIG question. Does pinterest have a payoff? Indeed it does! It does not answer for which industry specifically, although in the US the top categories on Pinterest are Crafts, Interior Design and Fashion. The most interesting fact gleamed from this graph is that of the 12% making purchases online and offline after pinning, 46% are from the Pre-Jan2011 boom and are more active on average.

The new question is: Is “warming-up” period for Pinterest users before they get comfortable with making purchases, or is the post boom demographic in a different category all together (e.g. younger with less income)?