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Creating Unique Hashtags

Companies want to make big waves when it comes to Twitter, and one way to do this is to use hashtags to create communities around their brands. But there are two ideologies when it comes to using hashtags. The first is to create unique hashtags. This allows brands to lay claim to the viral movements they create on the social platform. The second is to use existing hashtags that have brand-relevant conversations around them.

When many brands first started to use Twitter, they included hashtags in their TV advertisements. This tactic has been particularly popular in recent retail and fashion advertisements. TJ Maxx has #maxxinista, Marshall’s used #fashionfound and Target recently used #mykindofholiday for discounts. Below is the example of #mykindofholiday usage on a graph, and as you can see they have significant spikes.

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Relevance, 8 reasons it’s relevant

A little over a month ago I challenged myself to start using #hashtags to categorize my tweets. Why? To start tracking my tweets based the content I posted. It was a social experiment on myself. I wasn’t sure what would happen or even expected a specific outcome. But I looked at the data and I realized something…

#frivolous – stupid tweets – 34 tags
#gratitude –
thank you’s – 3 tags
#muwblog –
links to my blog - 12 tags
#muwq –
public question – 10 tags
#muwquote –
my/others’ quotes - 4 tags
#muwpinion –
personal opinion – 22 tags
#muwshare –
links to things – 73 tags
@______ –
duh – 202

Frivolous/Total = 34/360

What jumped out at me within the first day of using the tags was I was becoming more relevant! I purposely had #frivolous as one of my categories. These tweets consisted mostly of the annoying bullshit you see a lot of people doing… i.e. “I just ate a tune sandwich”, “My poop took 49 minutes today!” I wanted to become less like these twats. There was no conversation to be had there. It wasn’t driving interaction. After the first day I tried as hard as I could to tweet stuff that people would want to read. I’m on the low end of the spectrum as far as follows/followers with only about 1100+, but I’m sure they all follow about the same amount of people. You have a lot of tweets flowing and the less crap you have to read the better. Relevance makes you stick out (duh)!

The second thing I noticed, which builds on the first, was that I was making more statements. #muwpinion was the driver. I was turning #frivolous tweets into relevant tweets by making statements. No longer did I write “I’m watching hulu at 3 am again!” it was “Hulu rocks! Absolutely the best. Thank you Hulu for being my entertainment #muwpinion”. Transformed! I was forcing myself to take a stand on things, not to mention being grateful (#gratitude).I guess I was holding myself back on the internet. I was letting the links I shared do the talk instead of talking for myself.

The best part, I was becoming more engaging. My little experiment lead me to be aware of my audience and more relevant in their conversations. This is not a surprise to anyone who “gets it.” I thought I “got it” too, but apparently I wasn’t on the spot as I could have been. Overall, I’m less afraid of tarnishing “my brand“  on the internet, and letting myself just be me. I’m a worldly guy. I like a lot of stuff from science/tech, to movies, to fashion. I want to talk about those thing and share my thoughts openly. Even my @’s are better and I’m not afraid to throw some jabs at people like I do in “real life”. Yes, I still spend too much time on the internet (#muwpinion). But I’m not hiding behind a screen and keys. @MerlinWard is the Merlin U Ward you would meet on the street.

I’ll keep up the #hashtag categories. Keeps me in check and if anyone ever wants to see what that tag has brought in the past, they can find it.