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The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

The Importance of Real Engagement

Empathy is powerful

The video brings to light interesting notions about how we as people behave online. Being a huge advocate for social media I had trouble stomaching this video. But a part of me believes that there is truth in this message. I myself have had moments where I just refresh the page waiting for new stimulus. The natural solution to this is to reach out and engage someone. I don’t think I’m alone with this. Continue reading “The Importance of Real Engagement” »

The 5 Social Media Strategies

It is still amazing to see the number of brands that are using social media incorrectly. Some can’t seem to shake this “Look at me!!” mentality, which is ruining their customer experience and inevitably causing the loss of the customer.

Brands need to begin focusing their social media strategy and they have 5 choices.

1. Branding
2. Sales
3. Customer Services
4. Innovation
5. Community Experience

Each platform they participate on needs a purpose that fulfills their customer needs. Given the number of big brands that still don’t have a huge following on social media they have a great opportunity. By focusing their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Blog on one of these strategies they can “teach” consumers where to find the answer or experience they’re looking for.

The type of content provided under each strategy has very specific purpose:

1. Branding: Complimentary Imagery & Matched Tone
- external and internal content that supports the brand
2. Sales: Offers/Discounts, Links to New Products/Reviews
- content that showcases products and services
3. Customer Services: Public Answers to Questions & Complaints
- recognition of problems and specific answers
4. Innovation: Calls for Feedback & Customer Opinion
- the key is to implement the feedback and showcase it
5. Community Experience: Additional Content, Customer Submitted Content
- keep it interactive and exclusive

Are your favorite brands using one of these?