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Rethinking Your Marketing

Influence and Beyond

I recently finished reading Sam Fiorella and Danny Brown‘s “Influence Marketing” book and I must say that it will make you rethink your marketing. While the book was chalk full of technical details, it also had a strong foundation built on the fundamentals of marketing. It is packed with clear case studies and explanations of their concepts and methodologies of influence marketing. This is an unsolicited review. 

Brown_Fiorella_Influence_Marketing_CoverThe first chapter opens with a single case study that keeps you reading through the entire book; uncovering the how-to’s layer by layer. I imagine this is done to keep your head from exploding because Fiorella and Brown’s methods, although effective, are intricate. The breakdown of the current model of influence and the build up the their methods continues through chapter 8. If you know Sam Fiorella, then you know he is against the current model and methods of classifying influence. No matter your stance or feelings on the topic, this book gives you great ideas. From Chapter 8 on the book begins to share the real meat of their methods.

The most beautiful part of the book are the explanations of the internal and external factors that come into play when analyzing your audience. The detail and understanding of the consumer that Fiorella and Brown insist you have to use their methods successfully, coincidentally are ideal for all marketing tactics – at least in my opinion. As marketers continue to invest more into their online presence, and more “big data” becomes available, Fiorella and Brown’s consumer analysis methods will become even more salient.

There are a number of reason you might not like this book, but take my word for it you need to find a way to pull through. If you have ever tired or considered using Klout perks to market your product or any form of blogger outreach then you definitely need to read this book. The anecdotes are great, and data is amazing.


You’re Nobody Until You Have A Kid

Anonymous letter from a Dad:

“My wife and I, connected through Twitter and both social media geeks, got married 3 years ago and we thought it would happen fairly quickly. But after the first year it hadn’t happened yet, so we actively started trying. A year of trying and it still hadn’t happened yet. We thought, “maybe it wasn’t the time.” Two years now we’ve been trying, but it still isn’t happening. We’ve tried everything! I’m beginning to think its me, something I said or something I’m doing. My wife literally cries herself to sleep at night. No matter what we do, we can’t get our Klout scores above 70!”

Isn’t that the truth! Everything we do to be “engaging”, sharing the latest news, keeping up with the topics and talking with people about their interests, yet, some metrics stay unchanged. That is of course, until you become part of an exclusive community. #UsGuys, #SMManners, #SMGirlfriends, and #BizForum bring like minded people together and there is an ebb and flow of discussion that pushes metric results up. However, being a parent instantly connects you to millions of others who are going through or have gone through the heartwarming challenges of raising a child. This instant connection results in great engagement and inevitability a higher influence score.

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about vlogging with @Clintus earlier this year. His number one video to date is “First Day of School – Kindergarten“, his daughters first day at school.

I met Freddy Jana recently and he even exclaimed that since the birth of the new love in his life he’s noticed and increase in Klout.

Parenthood is a growing community on all social networks from Twitter to YouTube. Mommy bloggers especially have seen incredible growth in the last year. 1 in 3 bloggers is a Mom! 89% of mommy bloggers have children between 2 and 11 years of age, which means we’ve just seen the peak of parenthood content. The teenage years are coming!

Possibly the only people more influential online than parents these days, are cat ladies.

The effects of the #Futzing Experiment

On June 23rd a social experiment had begun. What started as a simple personal goal to try to manipulate the internet turned into a grand experiment that garnered more friendships, support and advocacy than ever imagined. Although the goal was not achieved, there were great results to be drawn from the 10 day stint. The experiment continues on and until Klout recognized @MerlinUWard as influential on “#futzing”, there will be those hardcore #futzing advocates that will continue to fill the twitterverse and other networks with #futzing content!

Click on the image to the right to see the expanded #Futzing Infograph!

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A Futzing Goal

In an effort to continually test online tools and engagement practices I’ve decided to run a small social experiment.

Klout recently launched the +K program that allows users to give people extra kudos on topics that klout has identified that person is influential about. Generally these keywords are derived from content that you post online that gets attention (likes, retweets, and comments). So, I ask, “what does it take to become influential on topic that klout hasn’t yet recognized you as influential about?”

The #Futzing Goal
Futzing is a word I use frequently on speech but not necessarily online. So, I’ve chosen to attempt to become recognized as influential about “#futzing” by klout in 10 days!

The Challenge
#Futzing is a hashtag that doesn’t exist on twitter, or at least isn’t popular and has no following. Getting attention for #futzing will be difficult. Klout measures influence on past performance; I have 5800 past tweets of content regarding business, entrepreneurship, and marketing I must combat for influence. Also, #futzing is an odd word and working it into relevant content will be the most interesting hurdle to overcome.

Today, Thursday, June 23 if officially day one. In 10 days Klout should recognize @MerlinUWard as influential at any degree for “#futzing”.

Stay tuned for updates and follow the conversation!