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Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920: The Smart, The Bad and the Ugly

During Social Media Week 13, I had the pleasure of testing the Nokia Lumia 920 for the whole week! A few tweeps and I, forever dubbed the #EpicNewsTeam, received a set of phones for a trail. Their campaign came with no strings attached, simply use the phone during the week and let them know how it went. Nokia clearly felt they had a superior product to put such confidence in the hands of a dangerously verbose and opinionated group!

Needless to say, the phone is state of the art. I will make comparisons to Apple and Android, but only because the phone truly warrants the comparison. Nokia and Windows have stepped up their game and are giving their competitors a run for their money with the Lumia 920.

The Smart
After being handed the phone I literally had it setup with all my social accounts and email in 5 minutes. The walk through stat up is quick and simple. The five minutes also includes the time to take a picture and tweet it! #SmarterEveryday is no joke.

Customizing the homescreen was really fast and easy. You have a choice of three sizes for all apps and some apps, like the AccuWeather.com app, had the option to set the tile as “live” giving it dynamic information on the home screen. Have the tile size options allows you to true set what apps and information you feel are the most important.

This phone is also blazing fast! And it must be to be almost constantly animated with those moving tiles on the home screen – more on that later. Switching between screens, and launching apps was very smooth. One of my favorite features was hitting back from the home screen, it brought you right back to your previously launch application, which made it easy to move between apps.

On top of it all, the battery life is amazing! I spent all of my days tweeting away, taking photos (which are great in low light by the way) and accessing email. I never ran into an issue with my battery.

The Bad
I had some periodic trouble to with getting the Wifi to connect and stay connected. Another of the #EpicNewsTeam also had an issue with the Wifi in a different location. It seemed to kick the phone off the network when the phone was locked and unlocked. I will say that my home wifi network had no issues.

My biggest issue was the lack of apps. I am an avid users of social media management apps, but developers haven’t created anything for the Window OS. Athough the phone is way beyond par on the hardware, the available software is a serious drawback. Apple jumped way ahead with a synchronous OS with tested hardware to boot and savvy developers pumping out apps. Android is cutting in and beginning to build a great synchronous OS and web experience and finally taking hold of the variety of hardware issues. The Nokia Lumia 920 is pulling up really fast. The hardware and software are a great combination, but Windows needs to make a concerted effort to get more apps.

The Ugly
The SkyDrive feature was a bit cumbersome. The aforementioned picture tweet was uploaded using Windows Skydrive, a cloud storage service. Viewing the photo from outside services via mobile was akward, especially from iPhone. There were no options to switch the photo service for twitter. On the other hand uploading images to Facebook was very easy. I can see SkyDrive being useful, especially when it comes to documents, which can also be viewed from the phone.

The next feature was difficult in the bad or the ugly. The windows tiles in constant flux was, in my personal opinion, a bit too much. It made me anxious to constantly see the phone moving, always asking for my attention. It made me want to keep the phone locked, so the screen wasn’t on, which a phone shouldn’t do.

All in all, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a great piece of technology! The hardware is very fast, the OS is very smooth and intuitive, which is a big plus from previous Windows phones. You can literally be setup with all the essentials within minutes of turning this phone on. I’m going to continue using this phone for the remainder of my trial (maybe even ask for an extension)…

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Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some of these are getting ridiculously out of hand. Vote for your favorite (most hated) and feel free to add your own!

Headline for Bullshit Social Media Tactics
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Bullshit Social Media Tactics

Some people just don't seem to get it, so lets collect all the reason they are doing it wrong on social media.


Buying followers or fans.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Buying followers or fans.

By now you've realized that all those fan/followers are mostly fake account with zero real people behind them. But congrats! You have a big number. Its like starting your ruler at 6 inches. Fake and useless.


DM offers after following.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | DM offers after following.

I've only ever seen this done right ONCE! @Bonobos gives you a nice coupon as a Thank You for following them. Every other time I've seen this tried I have to give up an email address or sign up for something to redeem it. #Fail.


Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Direct Message to join you on Facebook.

I just followed you one twitter, why are you sending people to your Facebook? If you don't want to engage on Twitter, get off! Send me some conversation before you send me somewhere else.


That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | That little ' before you name on Facebook.

Oh you want to be first on the list on my Facebook and my phone? Well I tell you what, the people with the little ' before their name so they avoid being alphabetized are instantly put on the "Douchebag List". It makes it really easy to categorize you in my head and ignore. Thanks!


Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Flash website and autoplay music on a website.

This isn't really a tactic, but if you're still using flash in a mobile world, you're alienating a ton of people. That autoplay music that has a the smallest stop button in world hidden in one of the corners of your website also needs to stop!


Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Irrelevant self promotion on Twitter chats.

Hey! We're talking about the conversion rates of Pinterest vs Facebook! Why do you keep tweeting the same thing about visiting your ice cream recipe blog? Stick to the conversation, putz!


"Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | "Like" and see what happens pics on Facebook.

Really? You have to trick people to get engagement? If you're having trouble engaging people maybe you should evaluate the crap you put out before resorting to finding out how many of your followers are fools. I won't condone it, but try posting a Cat Photo with your message on it. That seem to be popular.


Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Sensational, unrelated blog post title.

There is NO reason to trick people into reading your content. If your topic is interesting, people will read it. You don't need to put "Obama eats Babies" to make a good political blog post. Let's be genuine people.


Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Corrections to your blog post at the bottom.

The posts are stacked by the most recent, shouldn't the most recent information do the same? If you made a mistake, own it and correct yourself. Don't let someone read the whole article just to find out half the information you wrote initially was false, Schmuck.


Controversial business decision announcements.

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | Controversial business decision announcements.

If you haven't heard of the Lowe's Racist Fiasco (http://ow.ly/cU2Pw), then you should do some reading. Some information, just doesn't need to be on Social Media. Write a memo or a press release.

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it may rain more this time

Bullshit Social Media Tactics | it may rain more this time

दिल्ली में मानसून की गाड़ी भले ही देर से पहुंची हो, लेकिन बरसात झमाझम होगी। मौसम विभाग के विशेषज्ञों का कहना है कि अब मानसून सक्रिय हो गया है और ऐसे आसार हैं कि राजधानी और आसपास के इलाकों में अच्छी बरसात होगी। राजधानी का मानसून सीजन 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक होता है। दिल्ली में 1 जून से 3 जुलाई के बीच 50.1 मिलीमीटर बारिश हुई है जबकि 1 जुलाई से 3 जुलाई के बीच 4 मिमी बारिश हुई है। मौसम विभाग के अनुसार 1 जून से 30 सितंबर तक दक्षिणी पश्चिमी मानसून सक्रिय रहता है।

The Day I Had A Tablet

I had one, for a day – barely 24 hours – and this is why…

It was that time… you know, the crossroads in your life where you need a specialized piece of technology to fulfill your techie needs. I reached that point. I have an android smartphone, but I push that little guy way over the edge on a daily basis. I make it do everything a good enterprise phone should do – phone calls, lots of email, contact, calendar updates and syncing. But I also push it to manage and coordinate my social media, clients’ social media, some gaming, also web browsing and a hefty chunk of rss reading. I bought an extended battery just to keep it alive for 1 day.

So, there I was, ready, willing and in need of a tablet. But what do I get? Friends push me towards the iPad2, but being an Googler and passionate advocate for Google’s mobile android I was hesitant. Based on hardware alone the two are very similar. Same processing power, same sized screens; weight, dimensions and features all comparable, aside from a slightly better resolution in the apple products. When it boiled down, I needed a 16GB, tablet with enterprise and media capabilities. The iPad2 and Galaxy 10.1 were neck and neck.

I bought the Galaxy 10.1 for two reasons. 1: Price, it was slightly more affordable at the 16GB range. 2: Compatibility. There is no learning curve on an apple product. I can use it, but getting it setup to the point where I wanted it for daily, personalized use was the challenge. EVERYTHING I do I use Google; Docs, Calendar, Gmail, Contacts, G+, Chrome, Translate, Voice, etc. So, Android OS won that battle.

All the anticipation for the Galaxy 10.1 had been built up. However, when I opened it and fire it up, within the hour I was utterly and completely disappointed. But first the pros:

1. The OS – Gingerbread is an amazing OS. Its clean, fast, responsive and intuitive. It has it’s quirks but so does iOS.
2. Plug and play – I literally just have to log into my Google account once and voila! The tablet is mine with everything I want on it. Emails, contacts, calendar, the whole caboodle is setup within minutes.
3. Customization – it only takes a few moments to switch out the widgets and get the shortcuts I desired on all the screens in an organized fashion that made sense to me. It really does become YOURS.
4. The browser – running Chrome, flash ready (it even synced my bookmarks), the browser puts Safari to shame.

The cons… and this is where Google and Android developers have a HUGE opportunity.

1. Apps Availability – My phone has every app I would ever need avaiable at the tap of the screen. The Galaxy 10.1, not so much. My first inkling of disappointment was when I found that half the apps I had on my phone were not available to the tablet. Some of these included Amazon Store and Pinterest, which I understand would probably be best on the browser anyway – but they were not because they detect a mobile browser.

2. App Development – This is the biggest disappointment. It started with Hootsuite, which on the tablet is exact same as the android phone interface. They didn’t even TRY to create a custom experience for the tablet. Then, like dominoes, apps all fell into this pit of awful user experience and lackluster UI development. Facebook, Foursqaure, all the games I have, LinkedIn, DropBox and surprisingly even G+. All those apps were uncomfortably underdeveloped for this tablet and in most cases the exact replica of the phone version which leaves a lot of dead space on the screen. The only apps that really shined through the muck were those under the direct control of Google; Gmail, Calendar, Google Voice, Google Reader and Google Talk all worked and looked great!

The main reason I wanted, needed and bought a tablet was to give my phone a rest. I looked forward to a semi-laptop experience with the comfort of a lightweight, portable and sleek design and UI. The Galaxy 10.1 hardware fulfilled its calling, but inside it was broken. Developers clearly didn’t take the time to create great apps for the tools (especially the social ones) I used on a daily basis. I essentially held in my hand a larger and more expensive doppelganger of my phone. [insert sad trombone]

I returned the tablet the next day. I was completely unsatisfied. Did I dare move into the world of iProducts. No, I did not. Although I know the social apps I need look good and work well on the iPad, using the iPad for all my other core functions just doesn’t seem worth the investment – let alone trying to get it to sync with my phone and computer. Neither the Galaxy 10.1 or the iPad2 fit like a glove and after this experience I think I’ll wait to visit Tablet Town another day…

Your 2012 Marketing Todos

2012 ChecklistIt’s a new year and restart of the seasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to use the old plan from last year! Start fresh! There is poorly charted territory for the taking and tools you can put into your marketing mix!

When considering what to do this year with your marketing, first separate your todos into two lists: must do and explore.

Must Do’s:

1. Refine your Social Media strategy!
Enough dabbling and diddling around on the good ol’ social media (can we call it old, yet? YES). You’ve played long enough, now hunker down and figure out what you want to accomplish. What is all the time spent and the wages paid going towards? Begin by choosing which strategy you to implement on each of your social media channels. Perhaps this year is your year to begin building your community?

2. Mobile encode your website
If you’re a blogger or a Fortune 500 company, its time you get with it times. This is 2012! Ideally you want to build your site from the ground up and focus on the core needs of mobile consumers, but that can start to get expensive in the development space. The essentials would include, tablet and phone versions, clear calls to action for mobile users and for eCommerce a mobile shopping cart. Read More from Inc.com!

3. Invest in CRM and Social Media Metrics
A database is just a bunch of names, addresses and emails, but a segmented database with social information and tertiary data such as interest, hobbies, birthdays and income is the spring board for a laser focused, heat seeking marketing missile. Start small and break down your database into 3-4 segments. Take a look at buying patterns, average ticket quantity and social engagement. Somewhere in that pile you will find a formula for your perfect consumer and the average amount of engagement they have with you. This sets the stage for better relationships, clearer communication and in the end, more sales.


1. Try a New Social Media Platform
If you’re not on the all of big three (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) then try one more. If you’ve already eliminated the ones you don’t need then jump into a new platform. In 2011 a few interesting players joined the space and there are a couple still gaining ground: Pinterest, Google+, Empire Avenue, Tumblr and Foursquare.

2. Build a Mobile App
You can’t go wrong with putting more mobile in your marketing mix. Smartphones users are still rising and more and more tablets are hitting the market. Your only question will be: What do I want my app to do? A few major brands put together apps. You can do better!

3. Use QR Codes
The little buggers are still gaining traction, too! They are incredibly versatile and integrate into any marketing mix. Just make sure you do your homework.

Hope you enjoy your New Year and stay tuned for new marketing opportunities!