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Justine Sacco: A Lesson In The Three Lenses of Social Media

The recent Justine Sacco debacle has brought to light what I believe to be a very serious problem in marketing and PR. There is a linear relationship between responsibility and one’s prominence in the public’s eye. The more public you become, the more responsibility you have to act in a manner befitting of a public figure. Social media has altered your relationship with the public. Your prominence now has an exponential relationship your responsibility to behave appropriately online. What you say can quickly be spread across the Internet, far beyond your immediate reach. Even if you have a private account, someone will screenshot what you have written and repost it. Continue reading “Justine Sacco: A Lesson In The Three Lenses of Social Media” »


Marketers Need A People Lens

In last week’s #Brandchat, someone asked why I use the term “audience” to describe a set of customers in my book You Get What You Give instead of “consumers.” The answer is simply mindset. 

I believe that many of the recent blunders and bad behaviors by brands are an unfortunate casualty of marketers’ mindsets about their customers. They think of their customers as “consumers,” a set of automatons that just click “like” and comment when asked or told to do so. They try to take advantage of user behaviors. Unfortunately, by acting purely to benefit their brands’ “health metrics,” they often find themselves in the middle of a PR storm because they have upset people. Continue reading “Marketers Need A People Lens” »