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#SaltyContent Explained

I was discussing content one day over beers (no surprise there) with my friend Kevin Davis, the founder of the citizen journalism app Rawporter. Kevin is in a unique position because he sees a variety of content flowing through his business daily. Through our conversation, we both came to realize that there has been a shift in how content is being produced — or rather, why it is being produced. We reminisced about the days of “sticky content,” but acknowledged that the world it came from has changed. Sticky content refers to content that is published on a website with the purpose of getting a user to return to that particular website, or at least hold the user’s attention to get him or her to spend longer periods of time on that site.

But the Internet landscape has since changed, and sticky content is losing. The World Wide Web has grown into billions of websites, and thousands more are being created every day. People no longer have the attention span to hang around one site for hours, albeit 10 minutes! People now cruise the Internet with multiple tabs open on their browsers, a behavior that is also common among mobile users. No one wants to be stuck on a website. Continue reading “#SaltyContent Explained” »


Is your product a chip or salsa?

The real meal of chips and salsa is the salsa. The chip is just the vehicle that brings the delicious salsa flavor to your mouth. No one eats just chips. They are hard, flavorless and have little to offer your taste buds. Doritos knows that! They pack their chips full of flavor. So much so, it changes your fingers colors and people go crazy for them. Don’t be mistaken, people don’t buy Doritos or chips AND salsa for the chips. Continue reading “Is your product a chip or salsa?” »

Nolan Daniel Powerball Jackpot

The $1 Million Dollar Facebook Post

A Facebook user Nolan Daniels posted a images of himself holding what appears to be the winning lottery ticket worth $588 million dollars. At the time of this post, Powerball has yet to declare the winner from Arizona. Huffington Posts makes the unsubstantiated claim this is a hoax, although it is plausible. It is plausible this post is a hoax because of one questions:

Would you pay a million dollars for a million shares of your Facebook posts?

In his post he wrote “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!”. The post has since “gone viral” and has over 1.6 million shares. Many of the shares with descriptions stating it can’t hurt, even if it is a hoax, because the chances of winning are better than the lottery. The “share to win” is a lame marketing tactic used by immature brands, but at least they have a reason for doing it. What I can’t figure out is what Daniels’ motivation is for giving away a million dollars of his winnings.

It’s not charitable, it’s relatively a lot of money for the winner – perhaps no longer to Daniels – and all for a bunch of Facebook shares? Truth or Fake, one thing we do know for certain is that Nolan Daniels has an insatiable ego.

Relevance, 8 reasons it’s relevant

A little over a month ago I challenged myself to start using #hashtags to categorize my tweets. Why? To start tracking my tweets based the content I posted. It was a social experiment on myself. I wasn’t sure what would happen or even expected a specific outcome. But I looked at the data and I realized something…

#frivolous – stupid tweets – 34 tags
#gratitude –
thank you’s – 3 tags
#muwblog –
links to my blog - 12 tags
#muwq –
public question – 10 tags
#muwquote –
my/others’ quotes - 4 tags
#muwpinion –
personal opinion – 22 tags
#muwshare –
links to things – 73 tags
@______ –
duh – 202

Frivolous/Total = 34/360

What jumped out at me within the first day of using the tags was I was becoming more relevant! I purposely had #frivolous as one of my categories. These tweets consisted mostly of the annoying bullshit you see a lot of people doing… i.e. “I just ate a tune sandwich”, “My poop took 49 minutes today!” I wanted to become less like these twats. There was no conversation to be had there. It wasn’t driving interaction. After the first day I tried as hard as I could to tweet stuff that people would want to read. I’m on the low end of the spectrum as far as follows/followers with only about 1100+, but I’m sure they all follow about the same amount of people. You have a lot of tweets flowing and the less crap you have to read the better. Relevance makes you stick out (duh)!

The second thing I noticed, which builds on the first, was that I was making more statements. #muwpinion was the driver. I was turning #frivolous tweets into relevant tweets by making statements. No longer did I write “I’m watching hulu at 3 am again!” it was “Hulu rocks! Absolutely the best. Thank you Hulu for being my entertainment #muwpinion”. Transformed! I was forcing myself to take a stand on things, not to mention being grateful (#gratitude).I guess I was holding myself back on the internet. I was letting the links I shared do the talk instead of talking for myself.

The best part, I was becoming more engaging. My little experiment lead me to be aware of my audience and more relevant in their conversations. This is not a surprise to anyone who “gets it.” I thought I “got it” too, but apparently I wasn’t on the spot as I could have been. Overall, I’m less afraid of tarnishing “my brand“  on the internet, and letting myself just be me. I’m a worldly guy. I like a lot of stuff from science/tech, to movies, to fashion. I want to talk about those thing and share my thoughts openly. Even my @’s are better and I’m not afraid to throw some jabs at people like I do in “real life”. Yes, I still spend too much time on the internet (#muwpinion). But I’m not hiding behind a screen and keys. @MerlinWard is the Merlin U Ward you would meet on the street.

I’ll keep up the #hashtag categories. Keeps me in check and if anyone ever wants to see what that tag has brought in the past, they can find it.