Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Engage NYC 2013 event held by Social Bakers. It was a huge breath of fresh air to discover that the speakers were covering fresh topics and not droning on about the same old, “be present, listen and engage.” Here are the highlights of the BIG ideas presented at this stellar event.

Build social into your business

Many of the speakers touched on a common theme: In the next few years, social media is going to be built into the cloth of many businesses. This means not just using it as a marketing tool but for internal communications as well. It also means letting other departments learn from insights discovered through using social media.

Katy Phillips of American Airlines shared the company’s success after its recent rebrand. It was able to bring its online presence from 8 hours to 24 hours a day in just 2 years, and have focused energy on bringing down response time. Similarly, Yossi Erdman from Appliances Online shared how his company has integrating social media into the brand’s website, which now shows Facebook comments about products directly on the site. Continue reading “A Great Conference has Lessons Learned!” »