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A Letter to the C-Suite

Dear Executive,

The social media landscape is exciting and there’s a lot happening. Consumers are sharing stories and learning about — and loving — your brands. We wish you were here. A blog post or article about your brand may roll through your inbox from time to time, but to truly appreciate the conversations happening, you need to be online.

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A Great Conference has Lessons Learned!


Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Engage NYC 2013 event held by Social Bakers. It was a huge breath of fresh air to discover that the speakers were covering fresh topics and not droning on about the same old, “be present, listen and engage.” Here are the highlights of the BIG ideas presented at this stellar event.

Build social into your business

Many of the speakers touched on a common theme: In the next few years, social media is going to be built into the cloth of many businesses. This means not just using it as a marketing tool but for internal communications as well. It also means letting other departments learn from insights discovered through using social media.

Katy Phillips of American Airlines shared the company’s success after its recent rebrand. It was able to bring its online presence from 8 hours to 24 hours a day in just 2 years, and have focused energy on bringing down response time. Similarly, Yossi Erdman from Appliances Online shared how his company has integrating social media into the brand’s website, which now shows Facebook comments about products directly on the site. Continue reading “A Great Conference has Lessons Learned!” »


Why I Wrote “You Get What You Give”

Update 11/13: You Get What You Give is  available on Amazon!

In the last few years, marketers have been diving into social media to use it as a real tool for their trade. They have jumped online and begun using what they know on the new medium. Despite the cries of the few marketers that “get it,” most marketers are still “doing it wrong” by using old practices on the networks. Every week, we see a new infraction of social media principles published in marketing hot sheets. And it’s not just the simple mistakes, but blatantly bad tactics on social media platforms. 

Companies are hungry to be on social media and believe there is a benefit! However, many are still not quite sure what to do with it, what to expect, how to engage their audiences or how to measure its impact. These are the reasons why I wrote You Get What You Give. Continue reading “Why I Wrote “You Get What You Give”” »

The Innovation of Loneliness from Shimi Cohen on Vimeo.

The Importance of Real Engagement

Empathy is powerful

The video brings to light interesting notions about how we as people behave online. Being a huge advocate for social media I had trouble stomaching this video. But a part of me believes that there is truth in this message. I myself have had moments where I just refresh the page waiting for new stimulus. The natural solution to this is to reach out and engage someone. I don’t think I’m alone with this. Continue reading “The Importance of Real Engagement” »


Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing

You Hear, you agree, now Do!

You go to conferences and you hear people say really smart things. If you look around the audience you will most likely see everyone nodding their heads. Even though we hear people say smart things, and we agree with them, we often don’t put them into practice. So, here are a few things you’ve probably heard, agreed to, but aren’t really practicing on a daily basis…

  • Listening for brand related keywords in the social space: You should know what conversations your brand is the topic of in the social space.
  • Focusing on quality of your followers, not the quantity: Quality over quantity. Actually start treating each existing follower like a millions bucks instead of trying to get more for the sake of having more. Continue reading “Things You Know, But Aren’t Practicing” »

Pinterest Tactics That Work…

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with spanish wine enthusiast and gardening pinner, Mary Ann Rounseville, to talk about getting the most out of Pinterest. Mary Ann is passionate about communities and brought together passionate pinners on Pinterest. However, passion is only the start to a successful presence on Pinterest and during our conversation, Mary Ann talked about a few tactics that make the difference between being on Pinterest and being successful on Pinterest. Here are three tactics for more success on Pinterest.

1. Get Specific

When Pinterest first became popular many people were jumping in and creating boards like “vision” and “recipes,” but for content providers that’s just not good enough. Continue reading “Pinterest Tactics That Work…” »


A few tips to get your business started on Vine

There are a multitude of social networks that are beneficial for marketing your business, and all of these sites have introduced new features that can help you further your advertising efforts. Twitter has been on a bit of a spree recently between the forthcoming Lead Generation Cards and Vine. The former is beneficial for convincing users to join your mailing list, but the latter is the service that you need to start using if you want your account to stand out.

Twitter explains that Vine is a mobile service that records videos that can be shared and looped on your page. When the social network says that the clips are short, it’s not exaggerating in the least bit as Vine only records for six seconds. That might sound completely useless from a marketing perspective, but that amount of time is actually more than enough to create messages. What’s more, the limited recording time actually forces you to be creative instead of just filming commercials for your business.

Vine’s popularity is currently exploding, so now’s the perfect time to start using the service. Topsy Analytics recently reported that the feature has surpassed Instagram in terms of shared links on Twitter. Users enjoy sharing and watching videos on the social network, and small business owners can easily capitalize on this fact by making Vine part of their marketing campaigns.

Here are a few tips to get you started on Vine.

Use stop-motion animation

Stop-motion animation is something of an antiquated style. The shooting style is where objects would be positioned, have their pictures taken, moved around and then photographed again. Eventually, all the images would be spliced together to make it appear that the camera’s subjects were moving naturally. The film style has made a comeback recently as it was used in the films “Coraline,” “The Corpse Bride” and “ParaNorman.”

The Search Engine Journal explains that Vine has a feature for stop-motion animation. The site points out that most smartphones can take pictures at 30 frames per second, meaning that small business owners can easily create short clips without bringing in expensive equipment.

The animation style will give your videos a unique look that other companies might not be able to match. Ultimately, stop-motion allows you to truly vary your videos so that they all have high entertainment value and don’t feel like basic advertisements. This may be the best way to actively engage Twitter followers with your marketing content.

Teach viewers

According to the Content Marketing Institute, you can also use Vine to educate consumers. For instance, a short video can be paired with a lengthy article so customers will be able to see how a product functions. Alternatively, you could use a clip to demonstrate how a service works from beginning to end. Remember that you only have six seconds to include the entire lesson, so you can’t really go into the finer details.

Vine can be a great marketing tool when used properly. Have you started using the video service?

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Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920: The Smart, The Bad and the Ugly

During Social Media Week 13, I had the pleasure of testing the Nokia Lumia 920 for the whole week! A few tweeps and I, forever dubbed the #EpicNewsTeam, received a set of phones for a trail. Their campaign came with no strings attached, simply use the phone during the week and let them know how it went. Nokia clearly felt they had a superior product to put such confidence in the hands of a dangerously verbose and opinionated group!

Needless to say, the phone is state of the art. I will make comparisons to Apple and Android, but only because the phone truly warrants the comparison. Nokia and Windows have stepped up their game and are giving their competitors a run for their money with the Lumia 920.

The Smart
After being handed the phone I literally had it setup with all my social accounts and email in 5 minutes. The walk through stat up is quick and simple. The five minutes also includes the time to take a picture and tweet it! #SmarterEveryday is no joke.

Customizing the homescreen was really fast and easy. You have a choice of three sizes for all apps and some apps, like the AccuWeather.com app, had the option to set the tile as “live” giving it dynamic information on the home screen. Have the tile size options allows you to true set what apps and information you feel are the most important.

This phone is also blazing fast! And it must be to be almost constantly animated with those moving tiles on the home screen – more on that later. Switching between screens, and launching apps was very smooth. One of my favorite features was hitting back from the home screen, it brought you right back to your previously launch application, which made it easy to move between apps.

On top of it all, the battery life is amazing! I spent all of my days tweeting away, taking photos (which are great in low light by the way) and accessing email. I never ran into an issue with my battery.

The Bad
I had some periodic trouble to with getting the Wifi to connect and stay connected. Another of the #EpicNewsTeam also had an issue with the Wifi in a different location. It seemed to kick the phone off the network when the phone was locked and unlocked. I will say that my home wifi network had no issues.

My biggest issue was the lack of apps. I am an avid users of social media management apps, but developers haven’t created anything for the Window OS. Athough the phone is way beyond par on the hardware, the available software is a serious drawback. Apple jumped way ahead with a synchronous OS with tested hardware to boot and savvy developers pumping out apps. Android is cutting in and beginning to build a great synchronous OS and web experience and finally taking hold of the variety of hardware issues. The Nokia Lumia 920 is pulling up really fast. The hardware and software are a great combination, but Windows needs to make a concerted effort to get more apps.

The Ugly
The SkyDrive feature was a bit cumbersome. The aforementioned picture tweet was uploaded using Windows Skydrive, a cloud storage service. Viewing the photo from outside services via mobile was akward, especially from iPhone. There were no options to switch the photo service for twitter. On the other hand uploading images to Facebook was very easy. I can see SkyDrive being useful, especially when it comes to documents, which can also be viewed from the phone.

The next feature was difficult in the bad or the ugly. The windows tiles in constant flux was, in my personal opinion, a bit too much. It made me anxious to constantly see the phone moving, always asking for my attention. It made me want to keep the phone locked, so the screen wasn’t on, which a phone shouldn’t do.

All in all, the Nokia Lumia 920 is a great piece of technology! The hardware is very fast, the OS is very smooth and intuitive, which is a big plus from previous Windows phones. You can literally be setup with all the essentials within minutes of turning this phone on. I’m going to continue using this phone for the remainder of my trial (maybe even ask for an extension)…

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Delivering Message

3 Rules for Delivering Your Passion

Everyone has a passion and often times we want to share this passion with others. Your message is important to you, but when you are delivering your message to others, you must consider where you deliver it, to whom you deliver it to, and how you deliver it. I was on the subway platform this week and I witnessed a woman going about this all wrong.

This woman was standing at the top of the stairs on the subway platform, and as everyone walked by she spoke, in the sweetest tone you could imagine, “Follow Jesus and you will go to heaven.” A valid message, but poorly executed. Most people ignored her. The few that did look her way often looked away as soon as they made eye contact. The worst execution of this message was that she even said it to a group of Hasidic Jew teens.

I stood and I watched as dozens of people came up the stairs to wait for trains and exited trains to go down the stairway and she continue to repeat the message to everyone. She didn’t seem to be connecting with anyone. So how could she have done it better?

Here are three ways:

1. Start with a Conversation
The end goal of her mission is to get people to believe her message, but she skips over all the reasoning. Brands spend a lot of time crafting the perfect message to push into the marketplace, but it is often not received. Today’s technology can leverage your message to start a conversation, which can be continue somewhere else with the people who want to talk with you. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your reasoning, values, goals and garner buy-in from your audience. With social media, even if you only convert a few people, with this method you will have people who have converted because they believe in your message. These people are more also likely to share it and, over time, this will build.

2. Know your Audience
Make sure you are starting a conversation with the right people. Pushing your message on people who are to devoted something else, only positions you for a debate. Converting people who have already bought into your competitors is the most difficult path. It is much easier to converse with people on the fence, answer their questions and help them make a decision. Almost every social media platform can assist with this task.

3. Know your Environment
This woman stood at a bottle neck of the subway traffic during high density travel times. Much like brand XYZ jumping on a social platform and expecting everyone to listen to what it says. It is disruptive, but irrelevant to the audience. Your message must be delivered in a place where people are willing to listen or prepared to listen. Just because you’ve identified a place with high traffic, doesn’t mean that it is the right place for your message. A better qualifier for the placement of your message should be reception, not traffic.

Of course, these rules only apple when you know your values, have goals, and are ready to converse with your audience. Gone are the days of pushing your message on to people. Your marketing is now a conversation, with informed people looking for more answers.

Picture 4

You’re A Fake And I Can Prove It!


Status People released news that the platform now pulls up to 100,000 accounts and analyses up to 1000 of those accounts. Read more at their blog post.

Last week a new analytics platform took the twittersvere by storm. Allegations were thrown around, rumors spread and reputations put in jeopardy. The fuss was about the Faker Score, a free platform created by Status People, a UK based social media management company.

Faker Score allows you to see the percentage of your followers that are “fake”, “inactive” and “good”. The platform promised to shed light on who’s been buying followers and it seemingly did!

According to Rob Waller of Status People, a “fake” is an account with a disproportionate amount of followers to the amount it followers and has high tweets. Essentially dummy accounts created to spam, for bots or sit on a list to be sold to the would-be social media “leaders” to boost their apparent online presence.

“Any ‘leader’ who has built their reputation on fake followers really isn’t a leader at all,” stated Waller.

There is, as always, a catch; the platform only analyzes the last 500 followers of a twitter account. Unless someone recently purchased a list, you would not be able to tell that they have fake followers. Although if you look up the Faker Score of a few of your favorite tweeps, you may still be surprised by what you find.

There also seems to be industry trends in the amount of Fake followers. News organizations and celebrities tend to have higher fake percentages than social media people and marketing companies. According to Status People a score of around 10% is normal, but if you are over 30%, you may want to evaluate what you’re doing.

“I think you should be aiming to have less than 10% fake followers. But this can be difficult for bigger accounts because our data suggests they are far more likely to attract fake and spam followers,” added Waller, “I would say that if you have less than 5% you are doing very well; 5-10% is good; 10-30% is ok; And anything above 30% and you have a significant problem.”

The unfortunate truth on all of this is that anyone can buy you followers, without you asking! Status People’s account was attacked shortly after the launch of the app. It seems some tweeps were displeased with their scores – No need to lash out!

In the coming weeks, Status People plans to add a few features to help negate the affects of fake accounts such as the ability to block fakes, create your won fake lists and track your scores over time. Additionally they plan to release an update to the app this week that shows a score beyond the last 500 followers, giving you more accuracy and insight. If you haven’t checked your score yet this week would be a good time.

Just remember as you are out there posting your carefully crafted 140 character posts, we should be evaluated each other on our engagement not the size of our list.

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