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The Pickling Adventure

The Pickling Adventure

One of the oldest forms of preserving food and, as it turns out, a fun one as well. I have friends in Arizona with their own garden and they began pickling back in March to keep their cucumbers and garlic. A co-worker of mine in NYC just pickled her own cucumbers. I had a few foodie projects that required mason jars, so I thought, “what the hell,” let make a run at it.

Pickling is an incredibly easy process! The most complicated part is deciding what flavor your want. Don’t get distracted by the pickled items you buy in the grocery store. You can literally make it any flavor you want and you can pickle just about anything! I followed the basic recipe on this site for Dill Pickles an Jalapenos, but used my own spices.

Check out the images below and click the (i) button to see the descriptions – there are interesting costs you may want to know!

Homebrew: The Mash

Homebrew: Jalapeno Saison

This weekend I tried my hand at homebrewing! I ordered myself a nice little kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop and a beer that I instantly fell in love with after readying the name – Jalapeno Saison. Having a long history with legos and the frustration that can occur and having never brewed before, I read the instruction 6 times over before even beginning. I then read each step twice during the process. Yet, I still managed to miss that I needed ingredients that weren’t included in the package; agave nectar and jalapenos. Luckily I always have spicy peppers in the house and I made for a quick substitute for the nectar with honey; only after I confirmed the sugar concentration comparison with this nifty website. It turns out 1 unit honey = 1 unit agave nectar. Check out the gallery and video below!