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Christmas Jammies Viral Video

This morning many of you have seen the above video. If not, you will likely see it pop up in one of your streams as it is officially going viral. It is perfectly crafted to do so as it has all the elements of a viral video; emotional driver, relevant, low barrier to share, a community, plus bonus kid cuteness.

I posted this video on Facebook to see what people thought. Based on the comments received, it hit home for many people.

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‘Twerking Fail’ :: Viral Success

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel admitted to being the mastermind behind the “Twerking Fail” video – You know, the one being shared on Facebook where the girl catches on fire? No matter your feelings on how the public was being Twerked around by Kimmel, there is an interesting discussion to be had behind the success of the video.

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A few tips to get your business started on Vine

There are a multitude of social networks that are beneficial for marketing your business, and all of these sites have introduced new features that can help you further your advertising efforts. Twitter has been on a bit of a spree recently between the forthcoming Lead Generation Cards and Vine. The former is beneficial for convincing users to join your mailing list, but the latter is the service that you need to start using if you want your account to stand out.

Twitter explains that Vine is a mobile service that records videos that can be shared and looped on your page. When the social network says that the clips are short, it’s not exaggerating in the least bit as Vine only records for six seconds. That might sound completely useless from a marketing perspective, but that amount of time is actually more than enough to create messages. What’s more, the limited recording time actually forces you to be creative instead of just filming commercials for your business.

Vine’s popularity is currently exploding, so now’s the perfect time to start using the service. Topsy Analytics recently reported that the feature has surpassed Instagram in terms of shared links on Twitter. Users enjoy sharing and watching videos on the social network, and small business owners can easily capitalize on this fact by making Vine part of their marketing campaigns.

Here are a few tips to get you started on Vine.

Use stop-motion animation

Stop-motion animation is something of an antiquated style. The shooting style is where objects would be positioned, have their pictures taken, moved around and then photographed again. Eventually, all the images would be spliced together to make it appear that the camera’s subjects were moving naturally. The film style has made a comeback recently as it was used in the films “Coraline,” “The Corpse Bride” and “ParaNorman.”

The Search Engine Journal explains that Vine has a feature for stop-motion animation. The site points out that most smartphones can take pictures at 30 frames per second, meaning that small business owners can easily create short clips without bringing in expensive equipment.

The animation style will give your videos a unique look that other companies might not be able to match. Ultimately, stop-motion allows you to truly vary your videos so that they all have high entertainment value and don’t feel like basic advertisements. This may be the best way to actively engage Twitter followers with your marketing content.

Teach viewers

According to the Content Marketing Institute, you can also use Vine to educate consumers. For instance, a short video can be paired with a lengthy article so customers will be able to see how a product functions. Alternatively, you could use a clip to demonstrate how a service works from beginning to end. Remember that you only have six seconds to include the entire lesson, so you can’t really go into the finer details.

Vine can be a great marketing tool when used properly. Have you started using the video service?

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Instagram vs Twitter

Instagram releases video, for better or worse?

Instagram released the ability to share videos on June 20th in the wake of Vine. There’s a lot of mixed feelings with this launch, but let’s first break down the features before we get out of focus.

Vine, owned by Twitter, launched early 2013 as a specialized app that gives users the ability to record and share 6 second micro-videos.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, originally a photo sharing app, released the ability to share 15 second (not so micro in comparison) videos.

Instagram Video UI

The interface looks very similar. With Vine you must press the screen to record, and Instagram has one big button for recording. Press to record and release to pause recording. Vine has a solid completion bar at top, while Instagram has a bar below the recorded image. Instagram’s completion bar is not solid, and instead shows the length of the individual clips you record. These very distinct UI differences become more prominent when discussing functionality.

Once you complete 2.5-3 seconds of a Vine video, you can continue to post your video without recording the full 6 seconds. Instagram also has a minimum length of about 4 seconds. After you record your Vine, you must click “next” which then takes you to preview that Vine. You either have the option to post it, or go back and start over with recording. Instagram’s functionality on the other hand allows you to review the video you’ve recorded, but then go back to continue recording – assuming you haven’t used the full 15 seconds. From there you also have the option of deleting the most recent scene in your Instagram video. You can delete all the way back to the beginning of you like. However, you cannot delete intermediate scene, just the last available scene. You can preview your Instagram video, and return as many times as you’d like to get the scene just the way you want! last available scene. Vine allows no editing of your videos. Instagram also offers 14 filters your videos in the final publishing phase.

Instagram Delete Scene and Filters

Both networks use hashtags to tie in content themes and discoverable content. Having posted a few videos already, the hashtags “video” and “instavid” seem to be explored quite a bit by other users. Vine’s sound is turned off as a default, but all videos autoplay. Instagram has a setting to turn off autoplay, but unless your phone is muted, sound will be on! Most interestingly, Instagram’s videos stop after they play, whereas Vines continue to loop. The loop feature is an attribute that creates a very unique type of video, as users keep in mind what the bookends of their videos look like and may fit together. It will be interesting to see how Instagram’s abandonment of looping will affect the video content.

A major concern in my mind is that Instagram’s huge popularity was based on its simplicity. It did one thing and one things only, pictures. As a specialized app the network grew rapidly and the user experience was seamless. When Vine launched as a specialized app for video it followed a similar path and it also grew rapidly. It is simple and straight forward. Recently Vine links on Twitter surpassed Instagram links and continue to rise, which implies that Vine is a more active network – as it should be, we as humans have a natural tendency to explore new apps heavily in the first couple months. Despite video being a fairly complex piece of content to create as it requires forethought and arguably more creativity and time, Vine has still thrived – with a little help from Twitter blocking Instagram picture previews on the network.

Vine Surpassed Instagram

Instagram, whether it was planning for video before Vine or not, now has to deal with the level of complexity that video production brings with it. Users who are not be on Instagram may be attracted to it now that it has video and pictures in one place, but current users may be discourage as their simple app has its first bell and whistle. Secondly, 15 seconds is actually a very long time! Although you don’t need to record the full available time, there is a certain feeling of underachievement when you don’t use all of the allotted time.

What do you think of Instagram videos? Is 15 seconds too long?  Do you fear it will detract from the Instagram experience? Like your looping videos better?


Viral Video Formula Discovered!

A new platform claims that it has found the formula for viral videos. Well, sorta-kinda. Through a year-long study of viral videos on Youtube, TubeRank has discovered a few insights on the seemingly aloof viral video. I’ve discussed that there is NO formula for viral videos before, but TubeRank claims the secret is “audience triggers” and “communities of interest.” Their site generates video based on these variables to give you viral inspiration!

To some extent they’re right! A video typically goes viral because one community shares it, and it speaks to certain emotions (triggers) that cause the members of that community to share it. If the video is relatable enough to people outside that specific community it could reach even farther and cause it to “go viral.” Continue reading “Viral Video Formula Discovered!” »

Hot Pockets Snoop Dogg Video

Hot Pockets, Herb Sauce, Cheesy Drizzle

A brand mashup of Hip Hop and product is nothing new to the market. Toyota pulled a stunt like this with The Parents campaign. The mashup of Hip Hop and Hotpockets actually seems like a natural combination. Who other to “rep the Co.” than munchies enthusiast Snoop Dogg (err, Snoop Lion, if you listen to Reggae). So here is the “brand-mash” music video:

The Best Quotables:

“Cheesy Drizzle”
“Da Big Sauce Boss”
“Setting off smoke alarms”
“Pocket Like It’s Hot”
“Heat it up, to eat it up”
“Hungry kids in the hood”
“When your munchies get an attitude”
“Chomping hot pockets is how you get ahizzay”

Full Lyrics:
Hungry kids in the crib ma
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
When the craving’s got a hold of you
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
And yo munchies get a attitude
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
I’ve got the pockets in my arms
Settin’ off smoke alarms
And I eat ‘em smokin hot
‘Cause I got it going on
I’m a hot dude, with some hot dreams
Getting fired up, letting off steam
Everybody showing love — Herbie’s in da tub
Checkin’ applications for the Hot Pockets fan club
Pepperoni pizza, much better than some fish eggs
The interior too hot let it cool off for a few secs
I’m running for the taste, that can be my phys ed
Chompin Hot Pockets, that’s how you get ahizzead
Winners get the meaty meats,
Winners get da cheesy eats
The tag-team meal that’s too hot for TV
Get off my pockets, you gotta backup
Yup that’s whatssup, now sign the prenups
Me and Hot Pockets never gonna splitup
You should think about it…..take a second.
I bring the heat, but y’all knew that
Da Big Sauce Boss, yeah, I had to do that
I keep it fired up, even when I’m inside
You take what’s mine, then ya gonna have to run ‘n hide
He light ‘em up so much that everybody talks
They all wanna turn in his Hot Pockets Box
Two, one, yep, three these Pockets are H O double T
Smokey temps hitting that three thirty three
If you can’t stand it this hot
Then you can’t chill with me
So bring your friends, we going on a wild ride
Herb Sauce tender meats heat yo insides
So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a lizzle
Got some cheesy drizzle dripping on my shizzle
Waiting on the brizzle’s, the pizzle, the dizzle Gs, when da cheese hits your tongue it’ll scream “Fo Sizzle”
Hungry kids in the crib ma
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
When the craving’s got a hold of you
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
And yo munchies get a attitude
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
Pocket like it’s hot
I’ve got the pockets in my arms
Settin’ off smoke alarms
And I eat ‘em smokin hot
‘Cause I got it going on


Virality: Guy in a Pug Shirt

You may have seen this image on the internet, or see it pop in your social networks soon. Its a guy and he’s wearing a pug shirt.

This is my friend Michael Panza, and yes, that’s really his name and that’s really his shirt.

What happened next was a surprise to all of us. He went VIRAL.

Virality is unpredictable and there is no formula. It ranges from everything like the Double Rainbow, Call Me Maybe, Friday and now, The Guy in a Pug Shirt. The only common denominator is humor, but we can’t all bank on that.

In a matter of 24 hours, The Guy in a Pug Shirt became #1 on Reddit. 4 memes were created, it appeared on a number of websites and lastly it popped up on Pinterest. Why? It was the right place, the right time, the right photo on the right network. People were in the mood for a guy in a funny shirt. That’s all we can really say.

Reddit, Meme 1, Meme 2, Meme 3, Meme 4, Site 1, Pinterest

Michael Panza is an internet sensation and he did on accident. Just Google “Guy in a Pug Shirt

McDonalds Billboard

Surprise your customers!

The best advertising is advertising that catches your consumer of guard. It interrupts their daily flow and makes them conscious of your brand. It makes them aware that they have just interacted with your brand, which sets you apart from all the noise. Sometimes this is achieved through ironic humor in a commercial and sometimes it is achieved through mesmerizing them with subtle use of technology.

McDonalds used reflective material to put up a billboard. During the day it just looks blank, but to night drivers it displays the message “Open All Night” just as they make their pass. In the pitch dark it catches the eye and really makes them look. As they pass they are completely consumed in the billboard and completely conscious of the McDonalds brand.


You’re Nobody Until You Have A Kid

Anonymous letter from a Dad:

“My wife and I, connected through Twitter and both social media geeks, got married 3 years ago and we thought it would happen fairly quickly. But after the first year it hadn’t happened yet, so we actively started trying. A year of trying and it still hadn’t happened yet. We thought, “maybe it wasn’t the time.” Two years now we’ve been trying, but it still isn’t happening. We’ve tried everything! I’m beginning to think its me, something I said or something I’m doing. My wife literally cries herself to sleep at night. No matter what we do, we can’t get our Klout scores above 70!”

Isn’t that the truth! Everything we do to be “engaging”, sharing the latest news, keeping up with the topics and talking with people about their interests, yet, some metrics stay unchanged. That is of course, until you become part of an exclusive community. #UsGuys, #SMManners, #SMGirlfriends, and #BizForum bring like minded people together and there is an ebb and flow of discussion that pushes metric results up. However, being a parent instantly connects you to millions of others who are going through or have gone through the heartwarming challenges of raising a child. This instant connection results in great engagement and inevitability a higher influence score.

I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about vlogging with @Clintus earlier this year. His number one video to date is “First Day of School – Kindergarten“, his daughters first day at school.

I met Freddy Jana recently and he even exclaimed that since the birth of the new love in his life he’s noticed and increase in Klout.

Parenthood is a growing community on all social networks from Twitter to YouTube. Mommy bloggers especially have seen incredible growth in the last year. 1 in 3 bloggers is a Mom! 89% of mommy bloggers have children between 2 and 11 years of age, which means we’ve just seen the peak of parenthood content. The teenage years are coming!

Possibly the only people more influential online than parents these days, are cat ladies.


Porsche Pinterest Fail

Porsche launched a new website teasing about their new vehicle the “Macan.” Toted proudly under the intro video is the Pinterest icon. How exciting! A major company like Porsche that produces visually stimulated vehicles has embraced the newest of the photo social media phenomenon!

Alas, they have left you with a facepalm moment. They have a total of two boards! Which means they’ve taken the time to delete the default 5 and create two of their own. But they never filled in the boards! Even more appalling is the board about their new Macan only has 2 photos! This company should have thousands of photos, and hundreds of videos pinned. If not pinned from their existing sites, at least directly uploaded to the network. This is an epic social media fail by Porsche.

LESSON: If you’re going to link people to one of your networks, you better be sure that its primed and ready for action.

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