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Christmas Jammies Viral Video

This morning many of you have seen the above video. If not, you will likely see it pop up in one of your streams as it is officially going viral. It is perfectly crafted to do so as it has all the elements of a viral video; emotional driver, relevant, low barrier to share, a community, plus bonus kid cuteness.

I posted this video on Facebook to see what people thought. Based on the comments received, it hit home for many people.

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The Link Between Viral Content and Messaging

The Content Sharing Matrix

In the past I’ve written about Viral Content and explained there is no formula and shared tools that attempt to quantify trending videos in real time. Nevertheless, the idea of “Viral Content” is still very intriguing. More recent viral successes have raised the bar especially in the music industry with Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake, while others have taken advantage of public trust.¬†When looking at most shared and least shared content, specifically videos, an interesting trend appears.

The more opportunities a brand gives the consumer to control the message, the more shareable that content becomes.

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‘Twerking Fail’ :: Viral Success

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel admitted to being the mastermind behind the “Twerking Fail” video – You know, the one being shared on Facebook where the girl catches on fire? No matter your feelings on how the public was being Twerked around by Kimmel, there is an interesting discussion to be had behind the success of the video.

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Viral Video Formula Discovered!

A new platform claims that it has found the formula for viral videos. Well, sorta-kinda. Through a year-long study of viral videos on Youtube, TubeRank has discovered a few insights on the seemingly aloof viral video. I’ve discussed that there is NO formula for viral videos before, but TubeRank claims the secret is “audience triggers” and “communities of interest.” Their site generates video based on these variables to give you viral inspiration!

To some extent they’re right! A video typically goes viral because one community shares it, and it speaks to certain emotions (triggers) that cause the members of that community to share it. If the video is relatable enough to people outside that specific community it could reach even farther and cause it to “go viral.” Continue reading “Viral Video Formula Discovered!” »

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts Work!

I think… At least at the rate of $7.00 it was worth the test! I took the opportunity to promote my friend Dave Cooke‘s Kickstarter campaign, 100PedalsRide.com – If you have a moment, please go and check it out! – After initiating the ad, I checked back on it a few times to see the progress.

Click the (i) to see captions

Despite the complaints about the POTENTIAL use of the these ads, and how that may gum up the news feed, I see promoted posts a valuable function. It is announcements like these for which it makes the most sense. The ability to share and HELP people is how I see Facebook Promoted Posts being best used. I certainly wouldn’t promote my own blog post on my pickling adventure.

Here’s the biggest issue I have with the ads.

1. There is no baseline. I don’t know how well my posts do without promotion, so, how do I know how well they do with the promotion? I could be that promoted posts are just as effective as if you “like” your own post, or comment on your own post makes it more likely to show in your activity feed.

2. Assuming at the very end that my posts 6 “likes” accounted for the 6% organic rate, then my post was only seen through the promotion by 94 people. Thats 100 people in total and only 10% of my total friends. If that’s the case, this is a huge problem. Under this scenario, the post did not perform well under any advertising standard. Percents just don’t work well!

I think Facebook needs to provide more information. Specifically impressions and the percent of my friends the post garnered. Those would be valuable metrics. I would alos like to see the social reach, much like the post metrics of a Facebook Page, to see how viral the post went because of the promotion. Quite honestly, thats what I would expect from Facebook.

I’m not sure why they are hiding this, and the fact that they are makes me feel like the promoted posts are a scam. To use the dreaded word spoken at ever conference, Facebook isn’t being transparent enough with the promoted posts.

Viral Videos

PBS Dissects Viral Videos

Viral vidoes, one of the hottest phenomenon on the internet and the ultimate “want” of every social brand. Its been said you can’t “manufacture” viral video. The only element we know that is definitely involved is humor. Brands want this kind of action because its the adrenaline shot that could make or break a product. Let’s face it, Justin Bieber was MADE via YouTube.

PBS has recently released a few videos of viral nature based on their past shows (Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers). They have also taken an in-depth look at the evolution of Viral Videos and the different categories created from them. Check it out:

What are your thoughts on creating viral video?


Virality: Guy in a Pug Shirt

You may have seen this image on the internet, or see it pop in your social networks soon. Its a guy and he’s wearing a pug shirt.

This is my friend Michael Panza, and yes, that’s really his name and that’s really his shirt.

What happened next was a surprise to all of us. He went VIRAL.

Virality is unpredictable and there is no formula. It ranges from everything like the Double Rainbow, Call Me Maybe, Friday and now, The Guy in a Pug Shirt. The only common denominator is humor, but we can’t all bank on that.

In a matter of 24 hours, The Guy in a Pug Shirt became #1 on Reddit. 4 memes were created, it appeared on a number of websites and lastly it popped up on Pinterest. Why? It was the right place, the right time, the right photo on the right network. People were in the mood for a guy in a funny shirt. That’s all we can really say.

Reddit, Meme 1, Meme 2, Meme 3, Meme 4, Site 1, Pinterest

Michael Panza is an internet sensation and he did on accident. Just Google “Guy in a Pug Shirt

The Secret to Viral Video

In the past it has been written that there is no secret for viral videos. Well, here to dispel that is Kevin Allocca, Trends Manager at Youtube.

So, anyone can go viral if Jimmy Kimmel or Justin Bieber is willing to tweet their videos. Damn, that was unexpected.

Toyota Viral Marketing

A lot of people ask me… “How do I make a viral video?” I’ve talked about this before, but they fact is that it’s incredibly hard to make a viral video. The conditions have to be just right and most importantly the video has to be relevant to your audience. Here’s Toyota’s newest video of a series – it has gone viral… 8.05+ Million views! WHY? 1. It’s relevant to their market; newly formed families, young and listen to hip-hop. 2. ITS FUNNY!

Remember: Humor is the #1 viral element. 2nd is “shock and awe”