We Need Context

Welcome and I hope you enjoy browsing the content here! The majority of the content you will read focuses on specific problems with business and marketer behaviors. The underlying theme is context. All too often online publications are posting generalized infographics and loose arguments for the best way to do this or that. While the content on those other publications do serve a worthwhile purpose, they are easily misinterpreted and steering the next generation of marketers the wrong way. The goal of this site is to bring clarity to those ideas. We need more context, more specificity, and better analysis in what we read. So join in, explore these texts, share your thoughts, share how you are applying new ideas and their outcomes.

Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Was Genius Marketing

Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Was Genius Marketing

During the Super Bowl, Budweiser aired an advertisement that enraged many of the craft beer community. It was an ad that many will regretfully have …

New Castle Follow the Money

When all else fails, buy your Twitter followers

You may be familiar with New Castle Brown Ale’s satirical take on marketing. If not, I highly recommend watching their YouTube playlist. They call out …


Exclusive content done right: Untappd Supporter

There are nearly infinite tactics for content creation and distribution. Any business hopes that content creation will result in revenue of some sort. If you …


Why Budweiser is Not Hypocritical

Many in the craft beer community have been pointing the finger at Budweiser for being hypocritical for bashing craft brewing while its parent company AB …


Why You Would Read “You Get What You Give”

I recognize there is a disparity between "best practices" and your business practices. Social media (and marketing in general) can be a tough gig, especially …


A Great Conference has Lessons Learned!

#ENGAGE2013 Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Engage NYC 2013 event held by Social Bakers. It was a huge breath of fresh air …

You Get What You Give

cover_paperback-shadowMy new book, You Get What You Give explores the principles and strategies that answer why you are on social media. It lays out the framework to help you build a process around those strategies and your social presence.

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We Need Passion

Not all things are business, marketing and the bottom-line. You may also discover a few passionate posts strewn about the site. I love beer – I am a home-brewer. I love food, travel, culture and funky socks. While my mission on this site to bring clarity and drive better marketing, I also am still a person. I sleep, I eat, and I play. If you follow me on any of my social networks you will see that. I encourage you to reach out and share you passions or ask questions. I have a lot of unanswered questions myself, and perhaps together we can find answers.


Giving Thanks

This year I have a lot to be thankful for! My wife, family and friends (new and old) have all stood by me this year …


Why I Wrote “You Get What You Give”

Update 11/13: You Get What You Give is  available on Amazon! In the last few years, marketers have been diving into social media to use it as …


#SaltyContent Explained

I was discussing content one day over beers (no surprise there) with my friend Kevin Davis, the founder of the citizen journalism app Rawporter. Kevin …